Our Mission Statement
Jeff Engel Construction, Inc. strives to: Produce high-quality, affordable and energy efficient homes.  Build lasting relationships with our customers, subcontractors and suppliers. Provide employees with a safe and stable work place. Operate a well-organized, efficient and profitable organization.


Jeff Engel Construction does....

-New Energy Efficient Homes

-Remodeling of Existing Homes


-Project Management

-Energy Efficient Upgrades to Existing Homes


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The New Home Orientation-A Positive Learning Experience

Before you go to closing on a new home, you and your builder will "walk through" the house to conduct a final inspection (Orientation).  The Orientation provides an opportunity for you to note items which may need to be corrected or adjusted.  It also allows you to learn about the way your new home works.


Jeff Engel Construction will use the Orientation to educate the buyers about:

·        The operation of house’s components.

·        The buyer’s responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep.

·        Warranty coverage and warranty procedures.


When you purchase a new appliance or piece of equipment, such as a VCR, you usually have to read the instructions before you can understand how to use all the features.  With a new house, you will be receiving a lot of instruction booklets all at once.  It is very helpful if the builder can demonstrate how to operate all of the kitchen appliances, the heating and cooling systems, the water heater and other features of the home.  The Orientation is particularly useful considering that when moving into a new home, people often are so busy that they have trouble finding time to carefully read instruction booklets.


Learning about maintenance and upkeep responsibilities is very important.  Our new homes come with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials.  However, such warranties do not cover problems that develop because of failure to perform required maintenance.  We will provide a booklet explaining common upkeep responsibilities of new homeowners and how to perform them.


Should a warranted problem arise after you move in, Jeff Engel Construction has a warranty service procedure in place.  Except in emergencies which will be addressed immediately, requests for services should be in writing.  This is not because we are trying to be bureaucratic.  It is to ensure that everyone clearly understands the service to be performed.  The person receiving a service request is not likely to be the person performing the work, and you don’t want to rely on word of mouth for transmission of your service order.  You should not expect us to rush out immediately for a problem such as a nail pop in your drywall.  Such problems occur because of the natural settling of the house and are best addressed in one visit near the end of the first year.


When inspecting the house, the most effective way to handle the process is with a checklist.  The list should include everything that needs attention room by room, and both parties should agree to a timetable for repairs.  We prefer to remedy problems before you move in since it is easier to work in an empty house.  Some items may have to be corrected after move-in.  For instance, if your Orientation is in the winter, a landscaping adjustment may have to wait until spring.


It is very important that you and the builder be thorough and observant during the Orientation.  Carefully examine all surfaces of counters, fixtures, floors and walls for possible damage.  We ask the buyer to sign the Orientation checklist stating that all surfaces have been inspected and that there is no damage other than what has been noted on the Orientation Checklist. You will receive a copy of the checklist prior to closing, including the dates of completion for any corrections noted. 


Ask a lot of questions during the Orientation.  Never be afraid of appearing stupid by asking too many questions.  It is important to view the Orientation as a positive learning experience which will enhance the enjoyment of your new home.