Our Mission Statement
Jeff Engel Construction, Inc. strives to: Produce high-quality, affordable and energy efficient homes.  Build lasting relationships with our customers, subcontractors and suppliers. Provide employees with a safe and stable work place. Operate a well-organized, efficient and profitable organization.


Jeff Engel Construction does....

-New Energy Efficient Homes

-Remodeling of Existing Homes


-Project Management

-Energy Efficient Upgrades to Existing Homes


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About Us

What We Do

Jeff Engel Construction, Inc. builds quality projects. We can work with your plans or we can design and draft a custom plan for your project in-house. We have established relationships with local architects and engineers when their services are needed and we associate ourselves with high-caliber subcontractors and suppliers working together to produce high-quality building projects in Billings and the surrounding area.  Our company is able to perform Construction Management services on projects throughout southwest Montana and the surrounding area.  We provide supervision, job scheduling, budget control, OSHA compliance and job safety services.  We can also provide a job-site office, telehandler forklift, skid steer and our own professional carpenter/laborer. Jeff is a certified SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) administrator/preparer

Contract Documents

Our contract documents are a major part of our success as a building contractor. Quality plans & blueprints, detailed specifications including a list of allowances, payment schedule, builder’s insurance documents and a written warranty are all documents designed to insure a high level of comfort for our clients. Knowing the exact details of your building project from start to finish is a critical part of the building process and goes a long way toward minimizing some of the stress and anxiety typically associated with a construction project. All construction documents are available for review prior to the start of construction.


Jeff Engel Construction, Inc. is a fully insured construction company. Business liability, auto liability and workman’s compensation insurance are in place at all times. We are also registered with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry as a Registered Contractor. Our subcontractors are also required to carry business liability, auto liability and workman’s compensation insurance and must be listed as a Registered Contractor with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. All insurance documents are available for our clients to review upon request.

Processes & Procedures

Every step in the construction process is monitored by a procedure or checklist that doesn’t allow the next step in the construction process to move forward until the checklist for the prior stage has been addressed and completed. We adhere religiously to the high quality standards set forth by these checklists. We firmly believe in a well-documented, scheduled, organized and managed construction project. The client’s thoughts, ideas and concerns are also key components to our processes and procedures. Our systems are designed to address and document the client’s thoughts, ideas and concerns and then apply them to the building project, resulting in a high-quality project every time.

Computerized Estimating & Scheduling

We have been utilizing computerized estimating and scheduling systems since the mid-eighties. These systems are efficient and consistent, allowing change to occur easily. Costs can be tracked and material orders are simple to place and control. Timelines are easily monitored and changed, keeping projects on track. Computerized estimating and scheduling systems equate to savings in both time and cost.

Expert Witness Services

Jeff will work with property owners and attorneys to provide expert witness services including professional reports and testimony related to residential construction defects.


Jeff Engel Construction, Inc. provides a written, detailed, industry-specific 1-year builder’s warranty. Clients will have ample opportunity to review the warranty before the contract is signed and construction on your project is started.