Our Mission Statement
Jeff Engel Construction, Inc. strives to: Produce high-quality, energy efficient homes.  Build lasting relationships with our customers, subcontractors and suppliers. Provide employees with a safe and stable work place. Operate a well-organized, efficient and profitable organization.


Jeff Engel Construction does....

-New Energy Efficient Homes

-Quality Constructed Homes




What I Do

I build quality homes. I prefer to work in the outlying areas surrounding Billings but will travel further for the right project.

I can work with your plans or I can design and draft a custom plan in-house. I also have established relationships with local architects, design professionals and engineers.

I will provide a budget for your project; one that you can follow throughout the building process by use of an Excel spreadsheet every 30 days. The numbers will balance and it will make sense, I will pay the bills and I will pay them on time. I will collect lien release documents for all payments of $250 or more. I will provide you with copies of signed lien releases ahead of the next monthly invoice.

I will purchase only from dependable suppliers and vendors and I will hire only dependable and highly qualified and insured subcontractors.

I will operate with a schedule--a printed schedule. It is flexible and designed to change when needed to address inclement weather and unforeseen obstacles common in the homebuilding industry. Regardless of the schedule, however, quality will always be the #1 priority.

I will communicate with you on a regular basis, daily if needed. I like to use email and text, recognizing my clients are just a busy as I am. I will be available by cell phone 24/7/365.

I will spend a lot of time on your job to insure the quality you deserve and I will meet you on site as often as necessary.

I will run a safe job and the site will kept clean and well organized. Materials and supplies will be utilized effectively and waste will be kept to a minimum.

I will provide quality construction documents including an Agreement, plans and blueprints, detailed specifications and allowances, payment schedule, builder insurance documents and a 1-year builder warranty.

I will utilize a number of checklists, developed over a 40-year building career, throughout the building process to help achieve a high level of quality control. Foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, drywall, paint, flooring, cleanup and final orientation checklists all contribute to a quality construction project.

I will maintain complete insurance coverage during the course of your project including business and auto liability and workman’s compensation insurance. I am also registered with the Montana State Department of Labor and Industry as a Registered Contractor. Subcontractors are also required to carry business and auto liability, workman’s compensation when required and have a current Contractor Registration certificate or an exemption certificate for the duration of the project. A builders risk insurance policy will also be provided and is a requirement for all new home projects.

I will provide to my clients any and all construction related documents upon request.